About Miles

About Miles

Hi All, My Name is Miles!

About MilesMy name is Miles and I like really nice things. Generally really nice expensive things. I cannot always afford it, but you tend to make room for the things that you really want.

Accessories are everything when it comes to fashion and most importantly confidence. Wearing an expensive watch to some a waste of money, there is only one way to tell time, right? But to me, accessories like watches define a character, define a look, and in some cases define you.

What do you consider most valuable?

Money? Yes. Things? Yes. Family? Yes …. But I am here to tell you that the answer to those questions should be NO! The most valuable thing that anyone should treasure is their TIME. Watches tell people around you that my time is the most valuable thing to me. Without time, I could not enjoy Money, Things, or my precious family.

For those of us working the typical 9-5… generally every two weeks, we get that paycheck in our bank accounts. We spend money and two weeks later, more money is put into the account and we repeat the cycle. Does time get re-deposited? And that is the point, it does not. You can only do things that will hopefully save you time for other pursuits.

I base my life on that principle. Because of that, I do not mind springing for that Rolex or Breitling. A quality timepiece helps me exude confidence in meetings, look stylish on dates, catch eyes from across the room, and is a great conversation piece.

So what am I here for….?

Since I love these types of accessories and watches, but cannot always afford them, I absolutely adore seeing the latest trends, newest technology, best fashion statements, etc…

I will do reviews here of watches that hopefully you are interested in.

I also hope to be that authority for you before you go make that big investment into a watch. I will give you the in’s and out’s, and most importantly, how this essential piece will help enrich your quality of life.

You want that beautiful girl, the new six-figure, to close on that huge deal at the office, hard work and confidence will get you there. I will explain to you how getting quality, luxury watches will help you to gain confidence, exude masculinity, and/or make the sale. Show that room who the true alpha is.
You may laugh, but luxury time-pieces can have that effect. Try it. You will get hooked, just like me, lol.

But like i mentioned earlier, this is an investment, just like you would invest in a car, house, boat, penthouse, etc.. If you take care of it, it will retain its resale value and you can trade it in for something of a different style.

So ride along with me on my journey. We will get there together and have a fun time while doing it.

Feel free to contact with questions, comments or concerns and thanks for dropping by!



Founder of Luxury Watches for Me By Miles