Discover! Why Breitling Watches For Men So Darn Expensive?

So.. Why are Breitling watches for me so expensive?

For that matter, what about IWC, Audemars Piguet, or even Baume & Mercier? Why the heck are they so expensive?
In this entry, we will go through a few reasons why the simple contraption that can tell time (just like any other watch, mind you) can go for $5,000 or $10,000+! To put this into perspective, you can buy literally 100’s of cheaper Casio’s for the price of one Breitling watch for men.

Doesn’t It Just Tell You The Time?

Just think, Casio’s and Breitling’s both tell time right?

Well… kinda…

… First of all, the biggest difference between extremely high-end watches and the rest is heritage and prestige.

The high-end brands mentioned earlier literally have 100 years plus of watchmaking and tradition. Their genesis also happens to be the watch mecca itself, Switzerland. This adds to the number one thing that drives up costs in anything… Rarity and Scarcity.

For this reason (and it’s a biggie) Breitling, IWC, Audemars Piguet, etc… can offer something that brands like Lacoste, Daniel Wellington, Casio, Fossil, or Timex cannot… exclusivity.

Exclusivity CANNOT be understated.

But that is not the only reason. It goes without saying, but Tag Heuer, Rolex, Breitling and the like use premium materials to construct their watches. These materials are FAR and above what you would find in a conventional timepiece.

The construction of a luxury watch involves highly skilled workers, intricate design, and cutting edge technology and machinery. These things cannot be accomplished if a watch carries a price tag under $500. It’s impossible.

For prices in the range of $5,000 plus, quartz movement is a joke. Honestly, a complete joke. Watchmakers for these aforementioned brands go through painstaking efforts to carefully craft automatic movements. The precision is uncanny. (Interestingly enough the Daniel Wellington keeps excellent time as well! Check that out by Clicking Here!)

There Is Always Someone Willing To Spend

Another thing that we cannot understate when it comes to the prices of these watches is that there are always going to be people that are willing to pony up the dough. There would be no supply if there was no demand… bottom line.

Another reason, and it’s a big one, that luxury watches are so expensive is due to the fact that huge brands are eabreitling watches for mensy to market by celebrities. Just name any actor, sports star, or singer, they all have insanely huge followings. People will buy just because there are wearing it. Classic example is LeBron James gets Beats by Dre headphones for free, get

The classic example is LeBron James gets Beats by Dre headphones for free, gets Sprite for free, gets Hyundai’s (seriously Hyundai?) for free. This is all sports fans need to see during pre-games, and because of this, these people get millions upon millions of dollars just to wear their stuff.

Premium watchmakers can get pretty impressive diplomats for their watches. David Beckham, Matt Damon, Peyton Manning, etc… This perceived value to Breitling Watches for men, among others.


Advertisers are no slouches either when it comes to luxury watches like these also. Rolex, Breitling, IWC, they are all exceptional at building a mystique and admiration for brands. (Rarity and Scarcity). This is something that does not even require a celebrity.

The goal is to convey to the consumer that they must have one NO MATTER THE COST. The scary part is that they work. Check out this video.


Don’t you just want to go by this $1200 watch now?

Whether you do or you don’t, it may not matter, because someone, anyone, with the exposable income, will buy it. They have and they will continue.

Let’s Sum This Up!

So, sorry to disappoint, there is not really one tangible reason for luxury watches to costs more than a mid-sized sedan. Luxury itself can be considered a brand because it can encompass Breitling, IWC, Rolex, and OMEGA. This luxury

This luxury tier of watches carry a…

…perceived sense of value.

…host of premium materials and design.

So bottom line, if you want a watch to just tell the time. Get that $10 Casio.

Otherwise, get ready to take out that 2nd mortgage.



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