Oversized Men Designer Watches – Do You Need One?

As a typical source of conversation and contention, Oversized Men Designer Watches over the last few years have become extremely popular. I am partial to the traditional size of watches today, maybe slightly bigger. But newer watches that are making appearances in recent years have bucked the trend of being nice compliments to be full blown centerpieces. Is this a good or a bad thing? Let’s dive in!

What makes a watch oversized?

So first, what is an “oversized watch?” Unfortunately, this is not always cut and dry. There is not a settled upon size that yells, “Ahhh. This is indeed a big or massive watch!” But I have noticed that traditionalists tend to see watches over 44mm wide, such as the watches from Panerai, as larger or oversized watches.

From the time that I was growing up, research shows that the typical size of a dress watch was about 37-39mm. That standard later jumped to about 41-44mm. Near 2005 and newer, a surge of 45-48mm watches started to appear, and sell like hotcakes! There has been a gradual growth in the size of men’s watches over the years, but as fashion changed and more free expression was the norm, that size increase seems to really spike in the 2000’s.

Now, I am not here to tell you that you have to love oversized men designer watches, but I think as the watch gurus we are, we would be remiss if we did not at least understand them because, like it or not, it is a part of our little watch culture that we have cultivated.

Is Bigger Better?

Watch enthusiasts will fight you to death about what the ‘proper’ watch size is or should be. Over time, men’s fascination with size (in more ways than one) has made watches that are on the smaller size look to be more feminine. This is sometimes taken too far because some large watches just look silly and gaudy, simply screaming for the wearer to get ungarnered attention. Think Mr. T from A-Team.

What we would like to debunk here is the fact that oversized watches are perfectly fine to wear. It’s about a style, a fashion style that is always changing… (for better or worse). The passion is nice to see, but let us break down why watch enthusiasts should not be looking down at the new fashion trends in the past decade.

So Why Do So Many Hate Oversized Men Designer Watches?

This reason is simple. When you agonize over a decision to buy that new sensible, mid-sized sedan. Drive it around a while, be happy with your purchase. Then your next door neighbor, seemingly on a whim, buys a dually diesel rig with steps just to get into the damn thing, you may feel slighted a bit. Why? Because it is not traditional and in comparison, makes you look bad.

Large watches are similar. They make traditionally sized watches look… small, and I mean really small. “Oversize” does seem to be the accepted term when watch manufacturers refer to these larger sized watches. Other euphemisms for oversized watches are “modern” or “contemporary”.  So now vintage watches look really vintage when being compared to these behemoths that are popular today.

So at the end of the day, what does any of this even mean for me and you? Personal taste. As mentioned above, there is no right or wrong way to determine the watch size that is perfect for you.

Is the Watch Too Big?

Well if you put the watch on and the lugs and screws stick out past what is anatomically considered your wrist… then yes, IT’S TOO BIG. If your wrist is too small for your watch and you can barely bend your wrist… then yes, IT’S TOO BIG. Another thing is to be sure that the crown of the watch does not jab the back of your hand every time you bend your wrist when leaning on a table or wall.

So if the watch you are looking at fits those criteria AND you are comfortable wearing it (this aspect gets lost a lot) then go for it… It’s your wrist, your style, your confidence…

Be Careful to Not Screw Up Your Perceptionoversized men designer watches

Once you have gotten a bigger house, car, TV, it is typically an adjustment to go back to a smaller more normal size. Remember when you made the jump to the extra large smartphone? All of a sudden that old iPhone 4 you had looks minute (pun intended). This reigns true with watches as well. Today, barely anything under 41mm hit’s my wrist. As a result, I have a hard time even glancing at my old 36mm timepieces.

For many, including me, the visibility is a big factor. It’s definitely much easier to read a bigger watch. But when I do where a smaller watch, it does not take long, but I do remember how good it feels and how it’s an almost classic look that cannot be understated.

In Summary… Are Oversized Men Watches Worth It?

I have to be careful here not to classify the oversized men watches craze as a fad. It is important to realize that fashion is and always will be cyclical. Right now, oversized watches are the thing to get and collect (by the way, one definitely deserves to be in your collection) but you have to keep it in its proper place and enjoy the diminutive nature of the traditional and more classic watch iterations.

History is always doomed to repeat itself, right? The craze will die down and everyone will want to go back to being smaller. But then give it a few years, we will be right back where we started.

Fashion is fashion. The only thing familiar with it is that it will always change regardless of how hard an fast we like to hold on to our traditional mindsets.

Are they worth it? Definitely. Click Here to check out some Oversized Watch Examples to Complete Your Collection!

Add one to your collection and complete it. If anything, it will be marked in history as the time where watch expression was at its peak!

What do you think? Am I wrong? What are your thoughts on oversized watch fashion? Let me know in the comments below!



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