Announcing! The Pokemon Tourbillon! Best of Romain Jerome Watches?

So what do you know… Romain Jerome watches still are producing interesting content by swiping at the low hanging fruit.

Rightfully so, as what has been bigger in the last 12 months than the Pokemon franchise with the release of their augmented reality game, Pokemon Go.

tourbillon pokemon romain jerome watches

You see… millennials are a weird bunch, but they are a profitable bunch. As many of them are starting to hit their 30’s, they are entering their prime money-making years. Which is a big deal for franchises like the Pokemon company because now this specific demographic of people can afford to buy branded stuff of childhood memories that have been rekindled.

This is not anything too uncommon, as it is the norm for associated merchandise to move upmarket as their demographic gets older. In marketing, that is genius.

When the Pokemon franchise started in the late 1990s, it was captivating and took over the world. Pikachu became a household worldwide name and brand. Fast forward to the mid-2010’s and now these same kids are in their lucrative earning years.

The Swiss timepiece maker Romain Jerome Watches has tried to snatch the market by branding a few luxury watches directly targeting the heartstrings of this demographic. Fans of the Pokemon franchise can now own, not just a cheap digital watch, but a very modern looking and respectful looking luxury Pokemon watch!

tourbillon pokemon romain jerome watches

Just look at this thing, it is a marvel! With Pikachu right there front and center, there is no doubt this thing can turn heads. Sitting at a very wide 48mm, this watch face is colorful and very well put together.

The front of it sports images of Meowth, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Blastoise, etc… the list goes on… In fact, there are 17 Pokemon in total on this one watch.

Price of the Tourbillon Pokemon

So with this targeted demographic, how much would you expect to spend on a watch such as this? $50 or $60? Maybe… But this watch is a tourbillion and tourbillions are not cheap to make.

This exclusive Luxury Pokemon watch from Romain Jerome Watches will set you back a cool $260,000. Yes, my friends, that is not a typo. To put that in perspective, in 2016, the average price of a house was about $189,000.

Officially, this watch is called the Tourbillon Pokemon. It is described as being, “The perfect alchemy between a prestigious horological complication and the emblem of the millennials”

“The perfect alchemy between a prestigious horological complication and the emblem of the millennials” – Romain Jerome Watches

Is it Worth It?

The price is a little off-putting, no doubt, but you will actually be getting a quality timepiece. We already mentioned the fact that it is a tourbillion piece goes a long way in determining its price.

But it also has a hand-crafted dial, 60-hour power supply, strap made from genuine alligator hide with blue and yellow stitching and a top of the line tourbillon bridge.

Want to go diving with this watch? You can do that too since the watch is water-resistant up to a depth of about 50 meters or 164 feet.

So go out and get you that new watch to add to your new collection. This would have to be one of the best eclectic additions you would ever have.

tourbillon pokemon romain jerome watches

However, scarcity and rarity would probably be a problem for you as Romain Jerome are only planning on making very few units. But I am sure if you can afford the price tag on this very well put together novelty, I am sure you have the extra funds to get them to make you another one and flaunt it proudly among your other 30-something friends.

tourbillon pokemon romain jerome watches


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