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Through the pages of our website, you will be able to educate yourself on the watch buying process. The luxury watch reviews found here will help you make investment decisions. Even if you do not specifically know what your taste is, we will help you get very well aware of the latest trends and styles so that you will be able to make the most educated decision as you make an investment into your look.

As much as I will try, there is not perfect “buying guide” that will make you an expert in minutes. Just being realistic. In fact, it has taken a great deal of effort for us to develop a decent feel for what really we should look for in a watch.  However, we can attempt to give you direction as you decide things like what to expect to get for the about of money you put into your investment, and where you should go to purchase your new look.

With the guides you find here, we will be able to help you choose a luxury wrist watch from various price ranges. So let’s get started!

Where To Buy?

Not surprisingly many brands are opening up their websites so that you are able to buy from the brands DIRECTLY. That is a very good thing for you and me because this makes it often the safest place to buy watches on the internet. Those particular watches will come with full warranties which are always a plus when you think of the investment. Initially, we suggest that you always check those places first. If you do not go with them, it will at least give you a standard to compare other sites. It is essential that you are armed with the most powerful thing when shopping for that perfect luxury wrist watch….. KNOWLEDGE.

It is fairly simple to Google a watch brand and clicks on the first site that you see. A word of caution… many sites try to structure their web pages in a way to ‘beat’ the Google search engine. This causes their site to jump up front in an attempt to separate you from your money. Do not fall for it, we always suggest to buy ONLY FROM AUTHORIZED DEALERS. With the amount of money we are talking about with this investment, we cannot afford (pun intended) to lose our money.

With that said, it is safe to buy online but only do so as mentioned above, only from authorized dealers.

We can assure you that any links that you click on will link either to the brand’s site OR to authorized dealer’s of that brand.

Another word of caution, you can sometimes get REALLY good deals and a great selection from places like or This is definitely the case when it comes to buying unique, rare, or used watches and jewelry. HOWEVER, do your research! Especially with places like eBay. We will be able to teach you a few tricks of the trade when shopping online.

What we want is for you to become an educated buyer in any forum. That way you can always look for the best quality and the best deals!

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