The Irresistible Tudor Black Bay Review

Exclusive? Well, make up your own mind by checking out the Tudor Black Bay Review – 79230N

Well, make up your own mind by checking out the Tudor Black Bay Review – 79230N

Tudor Black Bay Review

What is it?

Before we get into the Tudor Heritage Black Bay watch specifically, it is important to realize who Tudor is. After all, our goal is to educate!

Tudor is the sister brand of Rolex. Due to this and the staunch reputation that Rolex has, it is very fair to say that Tudor carries the same bravado and class. In recent years, Tudor has made its mark in the luxury watch landscape. Generally pricing in the $3,000 – $5,000 range, it is affordable to spring for when you have the extra dough.

Basically, at this price point is the watch worth it? The jury is still out on that one. But regardless, these watches can be considered the trust Rolex little talked about counterpart at a lower price point. All of the style and precision at a more affordable price.

The price ideally lent to the appeal of the newer design. With more value added with the new in-house calibers to the rivet bracelet, the Black Bay, in particular, was now affordable enough to potentially become a rival for its big brother Rolex.

Tudor Black Bay Review – THE CASE

The Black Bay 79230N case features a 41 x 50 x 14.8mm stainless steel case. So this would definitely be a watch we would consider in the medium-sized category (To learn more about oTudor Black Bay Reviewversized watches, Click Here)


At 50mm height, it is a bit of a taller watch. If I had to guess, it would have to be because of the new in-house movement that is included with this iteration of the watch. Depending on your perspective, this can be seen as a negative or a drawback. That valuable 2mm that the watch grew from its previous iteration could make it harder to wear under a dress shirt sleeve.
Is that a big deal? No, I definitely would not consider it one, but as mentioned it depends on your perspective and what your use of the watch will be. This can be a semi-formal watch, so to some that will make or break it for them.

The design is what we should expect for a dress watch… simple. Which is a good thing! No need for ridiculous frill and thrills. There is a distinct crown-tube that can be seen from above. There is a 22mm lug that helps give it a broad incasing. So it now has a bit of a more masculine look. It should definitely fit whatever you are trying to do fashion wise.

So it now has a bit of a more masculine look. It should definitely fit whatever you are trying to do fashion wise.

The finishing is outstanding. This is a personal preference of mine, but I do enjoy the grippy-ness and texture of the watch. Sometimes things being too smooth can hurt it, especially when it comes to handling and fingerprints. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay does just that… and more.

Again, with simplicity being its good, the side profile of the watch does its job. It tends to contour itself to your wrist which is good for comfortability, but even better for looks. (We will get into comfortability later)

Also included with this beautiful watch is the oversized crown tube. The… ayyyee… what can I say about the crown. People either love it or hate it. I tend to lean on the side of love because I do enjoy the oversized components of the watch. Other colors of the watch can sometimes Tudor Black Bay Reviewmake the size of the crown a bit more pronounced, but honestly, it is the perfect compliment to the black version.

The crown definitely sticks out, but believe me when I tell you that it does not take away from the watch at all. It is its perfect compliment. If anything adding to the conversation when you are showing the watch off.

The function of the crown is nothing short of brilliant has it has a very responsive clickiness and provides a satisfying tug required to get it into the first position and set the watch. Screwing it back in is pretty easy as well.

In true Rolex/Tudor fashion, the backside of the watch leaves much to be desired… dare I say… plain! The signature Tudor watermark is there, but it is nothing to write home about.

Tudor Black Bay Review – THE DIAL

The Tudor Black Bay has minor changes to the dial.

The dial surface has a dome, a quality surface that stands out in the correct light. It has a slight texture similar to eggshell paint.

Take a look at the dial directly. Triangle at 12, rectangles at 3, 6, and 9. It just oozes classic design. It is definitely not tacky by any means. The featured surrounds are gold adding to the texture and needed depth and feel. Extremely attractive and great conversation piece.

The edge sport a dial with minutes and seconds lines. Hour intervals are a bit thinner in between. To me, this shouts vintage! Without necessarily committing completely. The dial still reads “t

The dial still reads “Tudor Geneve’ with a shield, which is a departure from its usual rose logo. Which makes sense since this is really being considered Tudor’s flagship watch.

The placement of the 200m:660ft is still the same. Also, since this is an automatic watch, there are two lines of text saying “Chronometer Officially Certified”. I must say, it is a good looking piece.

Tudor Black Bay Review – THE BRACELET

The bracelet is beautiful once again. The perfect compliment to the watch. The Black Bay can also come with the Jacquard mil-straps in black or brown. But I always prefer the bracelet and brushed metal feel and look.

Like many watches, you can play with the bracelets or straps to make certain aspects of the watch stand out or to complete your look. So do not be afraid to experiment. A black strap could make the dial stand out more. Brown could make the writing and tick marks jump out. So be adventurous.

Tudor Black Bay Review – THE MOVEMENT

Ahh, the movement. Definitely one of my favorite things to talk about since I enjoy this watches precision.

The biggest change in this iteration of the watch (The black bay 2016), is the insides. This includes the MT5602 in-house caliber. Calibers of this kind typically cannot be found in watches under $5,000 (there are a few exceptions, but by and large, it is the case). It is a big deal… like really a big deal

It is a big deal… like really a big deal. Perfecting these calibers can take generations (literally like 100+ years) and to put such a high-quality one in a watch that does not generally sniff out of the $3,500 or so price point is excellent value!

It even works well in the long run because this type of caliber is easily serviceable, which is good news for your wallet when it needs to be tuned internally.

The other movement features include the upgrade the watch got going from the ETA 2824 to the MT5602. It is a 25-jewel automatic movement with a frequency of 28,800bph. It also sports a silicon hair-spring, free-sprung balance, 70-hour power reserve, COSC chronometer rating and full balance bridge… In lamens terms.. it keeps time really freakin’ well! These features are some that had been lacking in previous versions of this watch.

Tudor Black Bay Review – THE Wearability

Now all of this is fine and good, but is the watch something I would not mind wearing over a long period of time? The answer is a resounding yes. Unsurprisingly, this luxury piece fits very well. Even right out of the box with no adjustments, my 8-inch wrist felt like royalty.

Tudor Black Bay ReviewAgain, the simplicity reigns supreme. Wearability is not always the feel of the watch on your wrist but looks of the watch on your wrist as well. Can I wear this and enjoy the attention it gets. The answer is a resounding YES! This watch is masculine, modern, and not understated.

People compliment me multiple times while I am wearing it. Honestly, this is why I wear stylish watches all the time, I love the conversation it engenders.
Class, elegance, choice of color, etc… it is all encased into this one little stylish time-piece. It can be worn in a semi-formal environment as mentioned before, but it can also be worn with work clothes or casual clothes. But not to be overlooked, it fits a formal lifestyle as well in the right hands.

Playing around with the bands will help you match outfits and bring out other colors in the watch.


In summary, I still think that the watch sits a bit tall, but even though, the watch feels great to wear and looks great to boot!

I would love to have this watch as part of my collection, but sadly only had about 2 days to play with it.

The aesthetics of the Black Bay is what makes it. Yet, it is not gaudy.

To finish this all off, I cannot stress enough the importance that this watch has the MT5603 internals. It changes the landscape of price for it. The value is instant. These watches hold their values well and you can definitely get a return on your investment if you ever decide to trade-up or sell it back. Just do not do it at a stinky pawn shop. Do it legitimately with people who understand the world that we live in.

Is it worth it?

Yes. Click here Now to check out a few prices and even more reviews on the watch. 

Do you own this watch? If so, be sure to comment below and give me your review on it. I would love to hear what you have to say about it and how it has enriched your life.



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