Exclusive! The Rolex Pro Hunter: Be One of the Few That Knows What the Heck This Thing is…

What is Pro Hunter?

Ok, I am sure you have heard the same line everywhere you have gone in your research of the Rolex Pro Hunter:

“The Pro Hunter is to Rolex as AMG is to Mercedes Benz.” (Discover Pro Hunter)

I can assure you that we are not going to go the cheap route and just rewrite the article because I am frankly tired of seeing that comparison on every page you see in researching this topic. So I will give you my unique perspective on what this watch is and why you should know about it.

Exclusivity is (along with scarcity and rarity) is a trait that defines a purchase. Especially an investment that happens to me thousands upon thousands of dollars.

The mere notion that what is on your wrist is so customized, that…

  1. It has not lost any value, in fact, in reality, it has gained value.
  2. There maybe less than 30 that exists in the world at a time!

These facts lend to the idea of what the Pro Hunter is… Unique, Exclusive, Rare.

To the watch connoisseur, those three things make a timepiece.

Every article on the web has the same Pro Hunter to AMG comparison, but since I am a tech guy at heart with an expensive hobby, I will liken Pro Hunter to ColorWare for electronics. ColorWare is the most popular electronics customizing brands on the net. They meticulously take apart gaming systems, phones, headphones, etc… then repaints them with high-quality material, then puts them back together. This service can help in brand promotion and just knowing that you possibly have the only one in the world that looks like that. That feeling in itself cannot be understated as people with means do enjoy to show them off a little. Turn heads, start a conversation.

That is exactly what Pro Hunter does with a brand spanking new Rolex Watches.

We all love the attention. I mean the watch when it’s put back together is just plain sexy. rolex pro hunter

So for the sake of my comparison, Pro Hunter is to Rolex what ColorWare is to electronics! (<— patent pending)

Rolex Pro Hunter… What kind of Customizations Do They Make?

Among other things, Pro Hunter boasts being the “first” company to personalize steel Rolex sports watches. Honestly, this may be a stretch as there are other customization services out there like Bamford Watch Department, Project X Designs, and TitanBlack.

So what does Pro Hunter do differently than their counterparts?

First of all, they are more targeted to their niche. Pro Hunter hones in on limited edition Rolex watches. Namely, the Rolex Sport watches. These limited edition Rolex watches do exactly what we were talking about earlier when it comes to delivering scarcity and rarity toward the product

Their exquisitely unique designs are very reminiscent of Rolex watches from the 1950s and 1960s. I mean, who does not like those classic looks! The style is very pleasing to the eyes.

A few hallmarks that Rolex Pro Hunter watches have are the…

  • Individually engraved and numbered cases. This helps identify the series and edition it was inspired from
  • The classic steel look is replaced with a unique Diamond Like Carbon Watches steel.
  • It has anti-reflective bezels. They come in original, matte, and stealth.
  • Exclusive “Pro Hunter” text on the dial
  • The classic “James Bond” like 4-line crown

rolex pro hunter

So … Are the Rolex Pro Hunter Watch Worth the Hype?

They are a glory to gaze upon.

The Discover Pro Hunter website says that there was a niche for hunting clients that were untapped. So, you guessed it; they tapped it. Thus was born the Rolex Pro Hunter series of watches.

I can attest to this fact, these watches are rare. At a price tag of only (only?) $15,000-$25,000 USD, they have a following among watch collectors. Some may even consider this line of watch legendary.

Unfortunately, I have yet to gaze upon one of these elegant watches with my naked eye. But I have heard that pictures hardly do it justice. The design is so robust, so pleasing to the eye, that it gets embedded into your memory. (Like a bad Adam Sandler film, but I digress…. )

Check Out the Discover Pro Hunter website and see if anything tickles your fancy…



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