Where to Buy Pre Owned Tag Heuer Watches Safely

The ultimate question…. Where to buy pre-owned Tag Heuer Watches…. SAFELY!Pre Owned Tag Heuer Watches

There are many places online that you can spend your hard earned cash to buy a Tag Heuer watch… But where can we buy them safely?

If you really think about it, when you are out and about and someone notices that shiny timepiece on your wrist, no one, and I mean no one, will ever walk up to you and say… “Is that watch pre-owned?”

In the world of luxury men’s watches, depending on your budget, original retail prices can get rather, well… pricey. So naturally, you are going to go looking for pre-owned, used, or certified pre-owned type of sales on the net. But the problem is since you are no longer purchasing the product directly from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer, you run the serious risk of purchasing a fake, knock-off, or even stolen goods.

My desire to show off my new watch or jewelry to friends and others in public on the “cheap” has backfired on me in the past. I have purchased a few fakes from shady websites and gotten burned. The good news is that my misfortune in the past can definitely help you avoid a problem in the future.

So here is a buying guide on simply, where to buy!

Why Amazon Trumps Ebay

First of all, both sites are excellent when it comes to purchasing items. If you hit it just right, you can really get a good deal.

But I typically side with Amazon! Why?

Return Policy

Amazon’s returned policy is unparalleled. I mean it… no one else touches them. If you have any issue, just box it back up, process the return either online at Amazon.com or call it in. Here is the secret to avoiding restocking fees and the like. Always, always, always, when you return an item such as a Certified Pre-Owned watch, say that that item does not match what the seller put on the listing. It is something that cannot really be disputed because when it comes to pre-owned devices, the “Grade Rating” (scale from 0-100 that represents how clean the used watch is ) that Amazon uses is subjective. So you can definitely disagree with the rating and return the watch. I have used this return policy only twice in all the years that I have purchased watches from Amazon. It was flawless, Amazon gives you about 30 to 60 days to return the watch.

I have used this return policy only twice in all the years that I have purchased watches from Amazon. It was flawless, Amazon gives you about 30 to 60 days to return the watch and you are credited immediately upon return.

Purchases already come with pre-paid postage, and honestly, people are too lazy to box it back up and send it back. I understand that all of our time is valuable, but when it comes to getting a quality product, you have to do what’s necessary to make sure your money is not being wasted.


Be sure to look for the 1+ year Watch Care & Returns Warranties when looking at watches on Amazon. Amazon understands the importance of authentic jewelry. Frankly, Amazon policies this better than Ebay. When the watch is sold, it has included with it a Watch Report issued by WatchFacts. This is a very trustworthy INDEPENDENT organization that is there to protect you and your purchase from a shady seller. If anything in the report is false about the watch you receive, you have a claim every time. This is good stuff. Watches can only get this warranty if it is Certified Pre-Owned. Which, again, is a protection for you.

This service also provides actual pictures of what you will be buying with an easy way to zoom in to see all the imperfections. It is just an all around good deal!

No Auctions

Yes, I know that Ebay has Buy It Now Prices, but their central bread and butter is the auction format. The format that drives prices way up to places they have no business. Bidding wars are all too common on Ebay because you are likely going to be in a battle with someone that does not even know or appreciate the true value of the item. They just want to win the race which means move money out of your pocket.

Amazon has set prices and the beautiful and value-rific Prime service. If you do not have Amazon Prime, do yourself a favor and sign up immediately. It more than pays for itself if you are an avid Amazon buyer, like me.

Amazon Prime

There cannot be more to be said about how awesome this product is. Amazon Prime affords you so many extras for less than $8.50 a month ($99/yr). The best thing is the free 2-day shipping. Often times, an extra 3 or 4 bucks gets you overnight shipping. If you do not have it, get it… NOW! You’ll thank me later. I personally use Amazon Prime for years now and it definitely pays for itself quickly!

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Like I always say, “If it is not on Amazon, it doesn’t exist!” OK, I do not always say that, but I do quite often.


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Certified Pre-Owned Watches Available!


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